Thursday, November 15, 2012

Update November 2012

Yet again my blog has been forgotten about, with all the other social media sites its hard to remember everything.
Orlando has been super busy as ever. I will be making a trip back to my homeland Kington Herefordshire, around abouts December 13th ish, I'll be there for a month so email me for bookings.
For those that don't know I will be moving back to Herefordshire UK in April 2013 of a year, I will be working at my usual location at Mr.Beards of Kington, check back for updates. I will of course be coming back to Orlando FL regular guest spots, again any question feel free to email me,

Anyways enough talk here some photos.








25lb red snapper

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Monday, September 17, 2012

sam flax video blog

I hate doing interviews, especially video interviews, but at my last art show with the rest of the built4speed guys at the peacock room in Orlando ( I was tricked into doing a short video blog for the local art supply company Sam Flax.
Here is the 4 minutes of awkwardness.

Also the link to the very talented and slightly mad coworker Brett J Barr,

jeremy Ashe also did an interview, but i am unable to find this, I will post it when it appears.

Big thanks the the guys at SAM FLAX located on 1800 East Colonial Drive, Orlando FL, 32803, they have an epic collection of art materials for every kind of artist.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Every now and then I edit my FAQ from my website, recently I feel that some of my clients (not all) might want to refresh their memories, i.e. canceling your 6 hour appointment less the 12 hours before your booked to come in, is NOT kosher.
If you plan on getting tattooed by me or any tattooer, you might learn something from reading this.

Where and when do you work?

I am currently working in Orlando Fl, at a shop called Built4speed in Mills 50 area, 1330 Wilfred Drive, Orlando, FL, 32803. I work by appointment only, my general booking times are between Tuesday and Saturday 2pm-9pm, thou I am flexible with days and times if necessary.

It is typical that I have a week to 2 week waiting list, depending on the time of year, so take this into consideration when booking an appointment.

What is your hourly rate?

My hourly rate is $125 per hour, thou normally if you are coming back for multiple session I will work out a fair session price, anywhere from 3-5 hour sessions for $300 to $500. I always price fairly and according to the design, scale, detail and placement.

If your looking for the cheapest tattoo in town, you have come to the wrong place.

How do I make an appointment with you?

I get a lot of emails each day and as I am not the fastest typist on the planet this can be very time consuming. I ask that you keep your email brief and to the point, no need to tell me about your cats worming tablets!

The following details are needed before I can give you any information.

- Your name and phone number.

- Brief description of the tattoo design.

- Placement (where on your body do you want the tattoo)

- Colour or black and shade?

- Size and scale of piece.

- Ideal appointment time.

You can email at or you can call or text me on 407 242 2784. If you try to calling me chances are I won’t pick up, this isn't because I dislike you, its because I am either tattooing or don't want to be interrupted. Either leave a brief voice mail, text or email, I and i will respond as promptly as possible.

Please also keep text messages as brief as you can.

I will set up a time for you to come in for a consultation if necessary.
When you come in for the consultation I take a 10-25% deposit (depending on size of design) and make an appointment for your tattoo. I won't start drawing your tattoo until you have an appointment, and I can't make an appointment without a deposit. (I also have a paypal account for online deposits) Unfortunately I have to ask for a deposit as some people ask me to draw designs for them and then I never see them again. I always have a huge list of designs I need to draw so this way it eliminates time wasters. I generally start drawing your design a few days before your appointment so unless I specifically ask you to do so, please refrain from unnecessary messages or checkups before then.

About the consultation

I sometimes ask people to come in for a consultation; this could be just to make sure we are both on the same page with our ideas, and to leave a deposit (see above). Depending on the design and placement, I may need to measure or trace the area sometimes even take a photograph of the area if it is a cover up or working next to other older tattoos.

I live interstate/overseas, how do i make an appointment with you?

Same as above, but I won't get you to come in for a consultation. Email is better for me, and if there are any details which we need to discuss I will call you to discuss this if needed. I have a paypal account for a deposit, but if you don't have a paypal account I will just have to trust that you will turn up.

About sessions

Most large tattoos are done in a number of sessions. I work my sessions differently, depending on the tattoo design, and clients needs. A session can last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. 6 hours maximum as both client and artist start to become tired and uncomfortable.

Can you give me a quote online?

Yes and no.

I can give you a basic idea, but it could change when I meet you in the flesh. Just to give you an idea of why no online quote can be set in stone, you could be a lot bigger than your facebook pictures looks, you could have a cover up you forgot to mention or there could be a change of placement or colour.

How long are you booked out for?

Depends on what you want. For larger projects like sleeves, chest pieces etc about 1 to 4 weeks (depending on time of year). Smaller designs I can fit in between session appointments. I try to keep some days open for small tattoos, so you don't have to wait two week for a small design.

How long have you been tattooing?

I did my first tattoo in January 2002. I was an apprentice for 3 years and worked under Mr. Beard of Kington, England.

Is there anything/anyone you won't tattoo?

Necks, hands and knuckles, unless you are heavily tattooed all over your body
Faces, unless you are a tattooer
Anything racist
Pregnant women
People undergoing chemotherapy
People with transmittable blood diseases
People under the age of 18
People with poor attitudes
inner lip tattoos, as they never last and look crappy.
bio mech
celtic knot work
genitals and such like
anything I think will translate badly into a tattoo

Can you paint or draw me something on commission?

Yes I do a lot of painting commissions. I will not draw you a design to get tattooed by someone else, neither will I do tattoos that have been drawn by someone else. I will use any artwork you bring to me as reference, but the design will be my own creation.

How much is a full sleeve?

I'm sorry, but that is impossible to quote. At LEAST 20 hours but most likely more, some things are simple, some things are complex. That is like asking how much a car is, some are 50 bucks, and some are 500,000 bucks.

If you are planning a project like a sleeve, its not going to be done over night, it takes a lot of time, money and pain. If you are the type of person who gets them selfs in to finical difficulties, or have an attention span of a goldfish, maybe you should consider getting a smaller tattoo. Large tattoos are a commitment, not only because you have to wear them everyday, but a commitment to your artist that you want them to spend their time and effort on making the said limb as awesome as you dream. FACT: Rocking an unfinished tattoo isn't cool.

For best results with large scale tattooing; regular sessions(at least once per month/2 weeks between appointments for healing), keeping to appointments, looking after your tattoo and generally being professional. These are the pieces I put on my website, as the out come of a tattoo that is completed in a few months will be a lot better than a tattoo that has been done over a period of say three years. If you put 100% into your tattoo, I will put 110% in.

I want to become a tattooer, what advice can you give me?

I get asked this a lot and although I remember what it is like to want to be a tattooer, sending me a lame message on facebook is definitely not the way to go about getting your dream job.

Being a tattooer is not as easy as they make it look on LA Ink, and any professional tattoo artist will tell you the same thing, draw a lot, get tattooed, don't expect handouts, take criticism and advice about your work, never stop trying to learn and improve. If you are not ready to give up everything you have then find something else to do. Treat it like a profession, come in with a good attitude be polite, show some artwork in a professional portfolio or sketch book.

'Big Bob's Tatz' quoted me $50 for this sweet tribal dragon I drew, so can you beat their price, or can I have a discount?

No. If you want the cheapest deal you have come to the wrong place.

But I'll be a walking advertisement of your work and a lot of people will see it... can't I have a discount?


Remember me? We hung out a few times 10 years ago, can I have a cheap tattoo?


I'm under 18, will you tattoo me with parental consent?

No! No exceptions. I know there are forms you can fill out blah blah blah, I just simply will not do it. Any emails I get from anyone under 18 will be ignored.

Can my friend/brother/mother/dog come in and watch me get tattooed?

I try to encourage all my clients to come alone if possible. It puts unnecessary pressure on both the client and myself when someone is sitting and waiting for the session to finish. Come alone, bring a book, listern to music, relax and we can both get through the piece faster with better results and without distraction.

However, if someone is coming with you, that is totally fine, but please ask them to bring a book or something to keep them occupied for the duration of the session. And please only bring one friend as my shop is very small.

Mobile phones and other devices are fine but please keep phone calls to your mates for afterwards if possible. You can arrange your bro dates later.

I love electronic devices, I do not have a problem with you playing with your phone all I do ask is that you put your phone on silent, and do not move. If I am tattooing your right arm and you move your left arm that in turn moves your right arm enough that it could affect the tattoo, and nobody wants that.

To make time pass more pleasantly I always have music or movies playing. If you know me at all you know I love to watch movies, so feel free to bring along your favorite movies or tv shows.



Preparation for a tattoo

Eat food (before your appointment)

bring appropriate clothing

bring something to drink

turn up on time

Should I shave the area before my appointment?

Please refrain from shaving the area yourself before your appointment, you might cut or give yourself a shaving rash which will be impossible to tattoo.

Keeping a good relationship with your artist

This is always a good thing, as you will be spending a long time sat in close proximity for hours on end, so good hygiene and minty fresh breath is always preferred.

What should I wear or bring to my appointment?

If you are getting a tattoo on you shoulder then wear a top that will not restrict the tattoo process.

Here is a list of different placement and the best clothing for comfort and also to avoid any embarrassment.

feet- clean feet, clipped nails and flip flops are all essential

ribs, stomach, back, chest- if you are a dude then its easy, you can go shirtless. For my female clients I ask that they wear a bikini top, bring a towel to cover yourself with and if the tattoos goes near the strap area it will need to be moved. I understand this may be embarrassing in some cases, but I am a professional and will give you privacy while you get settled before I begin the tattoo process. Some of my clients like to bring their own pillow, what ever helps.

legs- wear shorts, no need to sit there getting tattooed in your tighty whiteys. You will also need to remove your shoes so please have some pong free feet.

arms- mainly top arms here, but it is best to wear a tank top.


Tipping your tattoo artist is always a good thing. Many people do not understand that when you work in a tattoo studio, the artist is usually working on a 50% cut with the owners of the studio. As well as the cost of the tattoo equipment, gas, blah blah blah it is expensive, so that small tattoo that only cost you 50 bucks soon becomes and measly 10 dollars in the artist pocket. More often than not I spend a lot more than 10 bucks worth of time coming up with the idea in the first place.

If I get good service at a restaurant then I tip well, if I think the food was terrible then I tip poorly, the same should be said for your tattoo artist.

How can I pay?

Cash is always preferred, and I also now except all major credit cards. I do change a small percentage (2.75%) to cover my cost on credit card transactions. I am currenly using the iPhone app 'Square' to run credit cards, which is both sercure and proffessional. for more information about square visit their website here:

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers are always available, and can be made out to any amount $50+.

Each voucher comes with a limited edition greeting card, signed and numbered.

About my equipment

I use the finest tattoo equipment available, I cut no corners when it comes to my tools and accessories, over the years I have been tattooing I have found the best inks to use for great healed results, in some cases I import my ink in from out of the country. My tattoo needles are handmade and one use, disposal, for peace of mind for you and hassle free for me. This is standard practice and is up to the standards of local health authority who visit the shop regally. If your really interested in this ask me about more information

I hope that helps, please contact me if you have any questions, or conserns,


Loo Pimble

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Built4speed art show at The peacock Room

Last night was the opening to the Built4speed art show at The Peacock Room ( )
It was a great turn out, and a bunch of the artwork has already sold. The show will be up for the next month so go by and check it out.
Heres a couple of photos of lasts nights action and some close up of my newest paintings.