Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 9th update

It's been a while since I updated
my blog so here's a few pieces I like;

A gentleman puss cat I painted for my mum.

An unfinished one.

Line work of a sinking ship.

Owl with a snake with a torch.

Some Samaria's.

A few shots of the BUILT4SPEED Grand reopening party.

A healed photo of the devil head.

Sugar skull on forearm.

Shop sign I designed.

My buddy sadi and I at wills pub.

Built4speed Kio pond.

New Gift certificates printed.

Added another wolf to Richie's chest piece. Still got some background to do.

Our Xmas tree.

Some favorites.

Xmas card from my mum.

Old reclaimed frame job.

Don't really like this one but figures I'd share anyways.

Sir Winston

Xmas card from Mr.Beard and shirl.

A cool frame I found, this one was a lot of fun.

Some work in progress, nautical theme.

A painting I did for my friend.

This tattoo was taken from the above painting. (bottom left corner)

Samurai riding a tiger.

Some final thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by.

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