Monday, July 18, 2011

Update July 2011

A lot of you have been asking me when I return from my travels in England, I have had limited Internet while over here (mostly because my phone only has wifi here) so very little time to reply to all my emails. So hope this short newsletter will keep you informed of my current goings on.

I fly into Orlando on the 26th of July and will be taking a few days to shake off the jet lag and will be tattooing again in my regular spot at Primal Tattoo in Cassleberry Orlando on the 28th of July.
I do have a few appointments booked for the first couple of weeks I'm back, but generally I have some open space, so reply to this email fast to get the appointments you want, as ever it's first come first served. I will try and reply as quickly as I can, but please give me plenty of time to respond, I will take into account the order the emails came into my inbox.

I will be back for a few months before heading back to England for a shorter stay of 2-3 weeks sometime in October/November, as well as Boston Tattoo Conventionin mid September, and a family vacation in Ashville, North Carolina. So time is limted and the usual booking times and days apply Tuesday-Saturday 12pm-10pm.

I have uploaded a few sketches onto my blog, these are to give you some inspiration if you are wanting something new. They can be found at this address,

Thank you for your patience and loyalty, if you have any questions don't hesitant to let me know.

Thanks for your time and talk soon,


Loo Pimble
twitter: loopimble

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