Thursday, May 5, 2011

Update May 2011

Lots of updates to let you know about today, firstly my new website was released earlier
Last week. An all new look, tons of new tattoos, paintings and sketches. You can visit my
site at the usual address Any constructive criticism would be
greatly appreciated, like bad links or spelling mistakes. I've also add more information that
I get asked regularly like booking times, pricing etc, but as
always you can email if you have any questions.

I now have a selection of prints available online, you can
see which ones I have in this collection by visiting Printed on high quality paper, signed and numbered. You will need a paypal account to purchase these prints or contact me in person.
Prices are $20 each or 13 english pounds. Postage and packing is $5 for USA, $9 (6 pounds) for International. Email me for more info. Sizes of prints are varied, most are 11”x17”. Please make sure you click the right shipping, either American, or International.
So yes I will ship internationally, So finally my fellow
Englishmen can get in on some Loo pimble print action.
Again email if you have any questions.

I have finally moved all my kit into PRIMAL TATTOO
STUDIO, I say moved, as I have not officially started work
there, due to some temporary health set back, however I
will be back in full effect on the 9th of May, after a week to
recover form surgery.
So if you have been trying to get in touch, and haven't heard back from me, please
forgive me and try again, life has been manic, and I may have missed a few emails or
phone calls.
Anyways PRIMAL TATTOO will now be my new home, it's great to be working
with my friends and great local talented artist's, Vinny Burkhart, Brett J Barr, Pete Triolo
and Cristina Garcia. I've worked with all these guys in the past, those that remember
the Built4Speed days, you will have met these guys before. The studio has a great
relaxing atmosphere, comfortable, clean, and friendly. There's always something
entertaining being played on the big screen to help the time pass a little quicker.
I will be working by appointment only as usual, so please call, text or email before
stopping by.
The address is:
Primal Tattoo Gallery Inc,
907 State Rd 436,
(407) 695-8287

I will be traveling back to my home land in Englandshire this June 1st till later June, mid July. So want to let my American clients know, so they can make plans to book in before or after my travels. email me for dates.

SO finally I can let my die hard British clients know that I am now taking names of those who want to
get tattoo during the month of June, and possiblely some of July. My time is limited and
strictly working on a first come first served bases, most of my time will be spent
tattooing at my old location at Mr.Beard's in Kington Herefordshire, however I will be doing a few guest
spots at a couple of different locations, depending on the response. These locations
are; Kington Herefordshire, London, and Leeds. So please email me your
name, phone number, preferred location ( from city's named above) a brief description
of the tattoo you want, and placement of the tattoo and a rough size.
As I do not have many of my British clients emails, please spread the word of my visit to
those you know and would be interested.
As ever I can be contacted via email at or by calling +001 (407)

I think thats a wrap, sorry if this was long winded.
take care and talk soon,


Loo Pimble
twitter: loopimble

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